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Total Sound Immersion

This collaboration is not to be missed! I'm joining forces with my favorite sound peers: Katie Down, Michael Jay and Joseph Shmidlin. 

Total Sound Immersion is a leave no trace event, at a private residence on the lower east side of Manhattan. The address will be given as you reserve your spot. Space is limited!

This will be a sound based healing meditation. Utilizing many different tools we connect with the participants through Reiki, plant essences, tuning forks, and overtone emitting instruments like gongs and singing bowls. Inside of this fully immersive experience, individual attention will be given to you while the overall sound continues. 

Together we create the conditions where you can relax into deep brainwave states. In these states the impediments (like the monkey mind) to accessing your own inner healer are removed leaving you open to greater awareness, clarity, well being and insight.